POLIBRID solves many of the toughest challenges facing the power generation industry! Hydroelectric, fuel fired or nuclear powered plants all have a need for this product. Its application at unlimited thickness in one coat offers true long term protection with the quickest return to service time in the coatings industry. It is especially suited as an internal lining to pipes and penstocks!

  • Riveted/ Welded Penstocks
  • Cooling Water Intakes
  • Cooling Water Boxes
  • Cooling Tower Basins
  • FGD Scrubbers
  • Trash Racks & Screens
  • Coal Bins & Bunkers
  • Fuel Oil Tank Bottoms
  • Chimneys & Smokestacks
  • Absorber Tank Bottoms

Penstock rivets before coating

Hydroelectric Penstock -  Rivets coated with 125 mils of Polibrid 705   Chimney - Internal view of chimney

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