Polibrid Applications

POLIBRID® is exceptional in that nearly every industry has a need for it. If your industry has critical structures suffering from the effects of immersion, abrasion, impact or exposure to aggressive chemical solutions, there is an excellent probability that POLIBRID can solve your problem. 

POLIBRID is the most versatile and technically advanced surface protection available in the coatings industry!




Canals & Flumes

Holds & Ballasts



Chutes & Gondolas


Pilings & Bulkheads

Hulls & Decks

Dam Gates 


Auger Bores

Structural Steel

Decks & Girders


The great majority of these protective coating or lining systems are based on the use of a single material: POLIBRID® 705!  With nearly twenty years of case histories in severe service conditions in dozens of industries, it's trusted by all... it's our Flagship Product!  
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