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Click here to visit the CAPAROL website!Polibrid is now represented by the prestigious firm of CAPAROL, the Exclusive Manufacturer, Distributor and Technical Service Representative of POLIBRID in
Germany and selected countries throughout Europe. Our manufacturing facility in Germany has been producing Polibrid resins since 1999 and local buyers can depend
on full EC compliance, excellent product availability, competitive pricing and
world-famous German technical support! 

Click here for a Polibrid® 705 (Disbon® 705) data sheet in German.
Click here for a Polibrid® 705 (Disbon® 705) data sheet in Spanish.

Company Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH

Mr. Christoph Dorscheid - Technical Manager

Address: Roßdörfer Straße 50
Industriegebiet 1
D-64372 Ober-Ramstadt

Website: Email:
Telephone: +49-6154-71-563 Fax: +49-6154-71-978042
For better service within your geographical region, we recommend you contact the above company directly for sales, technical service or assistance. If you are unable to make contact, e-mail for technical assistance or for commercial information. 

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