POLIBRID COATINGS, INC. is a specialty manufacturer and licensor of premium quality, solventless elastomeric polyurethanes used as heavy-duty protective coatings and linings for a wide range of severe service industrial applications. Sophisticated specifiers, coatings consultants and major coatings contractors worldwide consider us the leading specialists in solventless elastomeric polyurethane technology!

POLIBRID COATINGS, INC. has successfully maintained the highest standards of quality in its coating and lining products. Founded in 1982, it was one of the earliest advocates for the use of plural-component airless spray, now a well established application technology. Its high performance coating and lining systems protect critical structures and equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It is regarded as the most dependable and versatile product in its class, including polyureas!

Throughout the world, the name POLIBRID symbolizes the leading edge of solventless elastomeric polyurethane technology! 

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Last revised: April 29, 2014