The latest announcements on new distributors, products, applications and research breakthroughs from POLIBRID and its affiliates worldwide. 


September 1999 -  Manufacturing Plant Opens in Saõ Paulo, Brazil

Polibrid Coatings, Ltda. (PCL) has announced that its manufacturing plant in Saõ Paulo, Brazil is now fully operational. Although PCL has been distributing POLIBRID products since 1995, its new role as manufacturer will allow for high quality POLIBRID products to be more readily available to other distributors in South America. Click here for more information!


December 1999 - Manufacturing Plant Opens in Lübben, Germany

Industriepark Spreewerk Lübben (ISL) has begun manufacturing POLIBRID products at its plant in Lübben, Germany. European distributors can expect immediate product availability and highly competitive pricing to go along with ISL's excellent technical service. Click here for more information!


December 1999 - New Distributor in India

Univest Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has been granted the rights for distribution of POLIBRID products in India. Univest, headed by Mr. Hemant Kapadia, has been providing cost effective solutions to corrosion problems for many years now and will continue to do so with its new line of POLIBRID products. Click here for more information!


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