POLIBRID materials are tough, flexible and resilient elastomers used as a protective coatings or linings for concrete, steel and other surfaces. They are airless-spray applied at ambient temperatures at virtually any film thickness in one application, even on vertical or inverted surfaces.

POLIBRID coatings and linings contain no solvents whatsoever and their unlimited build capabilities permit the application of different film thicknesses in one application: from 20 to 250 mils (0.5 to 6.25 mm) or higher, as much as is required by differing service demands or surface conditions. The degree of protection is no longer limited to the maximum film build of multiple coats of conventional coatings!

POLIBRID coatings and linings encapsulate rivets, bolts, edges and rough welds in one coat and produce the high film thicknesses needed to provide monolithic protection over naturally rough concrete surfaces.

POLIBRID coatings and linings are premium-quality, thermosetting elastomers that meet all known regulations on VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. They are virtually odorless during and after application. They are dense monolithic membranes sufficiently elastic to withstand normal shrinkage cracks in concrete without breaking. Ideal immersion linings, they are abrasion-resistant, chemical resistant, highly impermeable and can be placed in service within moments after application.

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