For nearly twenty years, industrial painting contractors interested in POLIBRID coating and linings systems have repeatedly asked us the same questions in regards to the requirements for becoming a Qualified Polibrid Applicator and for our opinion on the best way to go about this. 

We believe this information to be extremely useful to all but actual costs and/or requirements may vary widely since they are established by the Polibrid Distributor in your geographic region, if any. Specific costs and requirements mentioned below refer to those established by the Carboline Company, or Plasite our distributors in the USA, and may not be applicable in your region. If you have additional questions or comments, contact your Polibrid Distributor or feel free to contact us directly.

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Does one have to be a Qualified Polibrid  Applicator to apply POLIBRID?

How does one become a Qualified Polibrid  Applicator?

What kind of equipment is used to apply POLIBRID?

How much does the spray equipment cost?

Where do I get the equipment?

Can I use my own equipment?

Can someone else build me a POLIBRID machine?

What kind of training is involved?

What if training must take place at the job-site?

How much does Training cost?

How many workers need to be trained?

How do I arrange for training?

Can I see a POLIBRID demonstration?

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